The old days

Before the internet

my brother and I

would sometimes kill the sunset hours

by tossing around the old pig skin.

Other times we’d sneak out to the barn after dark

put on the old pig skin

& scare the living bejeezus

out of the orphan piglets.

45 thoughts on “The old days

  1. So, then, that was you and your brother, eh? I’ve nightmares to this day about human sized pig-men trying to eat me. This is one little piggy who runs all the way home every time he sees a Porky the Pig cartoon.

  2. Human pig men … perish the thought! And those poor little piglets! Still, you obviously have happy memories of tossing around old pig skins. What did you smell like afterwards? A bit rife, I should think. lol

  3. You quite seriously crossed my mind as a blog to tag for the love vs hate. I rarely do tag’s but couldn’t resist this one! So I am going to tag you into my post. If it’s not up your alley no worries!
    (But I’d love to see what you come up with if you accept the tag..) 😀

  4. Nice! Love the unexpected “turn” in this piece! You take it from good old fashioned “wholesome” to creepy! You really do have some serious poetic chops!

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