The Book of Dave

The Book of Dave

Here is The Book of Dave. It was written between mid 2013 and early 2014. Composed of poetry and short stories, this piece was actually what got me into stand-up comedy in the first place. My first “bit” (which can be seen in Past Creative Endeavors) came from The Book of Dave. I didn’t want to just write the material and assume it actually held water, so I went to Portal’s Tavern and did my first open mic (it went well). I felt at home around comedians from the very start, and that night sent me on a joke writing flurry which brought me to this blog.

Thanks for that, Dave.

A sample can be found here:

& thank you for reading!

8 thoughts on “The Book of Dave

  1. Glad I found you. Check me out more often. I’ll get in here, too. You can find my book THE SCAM-a humorous piece about Kauai in the 60’s, ENJOY ENJOY–on Amazon. From one narcisississisistic to another. Aloha Bettejo Dux

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