92 thoughts on “The Dire Consequences of Misplaced Commas

  1. I love this. This is a great example of how punctuation can misconstrue a statement like:

    Grammar: Knowing your shit.
    Knowing you’re shit.

    Let’s help uncle Jack off the horse.
    Let’s help uncle jack off the horse.

    • You say that… But there was a news story a few years ago, about a guy in China who got instructions off of the Internet, and drove of to a quarry. Then self crucified himself. And yes, died from it.

      Lots of strange things happen, particularly in death…

      • It wasn’t intended. It was clear that the guy was trying to have a transcendental experience. It certainly wasn’t a suicide, no notes or anything. Apparently, he was known for doing these sorts of things, being a devout Christian.

        And no, I know of no devout Christian who would do that, though some people do go through being flogged then put upon a cross for religious purposes.

        It got featured in Private Eye Magazine, and Fortean Times. Fortean Times records a lot of strange deaths.

  2. So very true. The same holds true with pauses in speech. My mother used to drive my dad crazy in the car when they drove past a certain road sign that read “Stop ahead” she would say it, “Stop a head”. Made my dad nuts.

  3. Such succinct directions. One question: the shower already was on the agenda when the throwable tike turned up, no? Else, you need to streamline your toss. Thanks. Actually did Laugh out Loud. And I enjoyed the journey to get to this witticism.

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