My name is Eric Wong. Recently, I’ve made the decision to stop hating myself so much. However, like trying to quit smoking cigarettes, self-loathing and self-pity are addictive. Therefore, I have created this blog space as a means of practicing self-love. It also serves as a place for me to track how I’m doing and what I’ve been up to, as I am prone to forget things as well.

There will be a lot of sincerity here

and there will be a lot of insincerity here.

I will leave it up to you, the reader who has taken enough of an interest as to read this part, to determine which parts are which. I’m still a deeply flawed individual with a lot of growing to do, and I am subject to the same human pitfalls that we all share. I will lie about how I’m really feeling, probably spin reality in my favor and do so with such an indignant self-righteousness on the sheer basis of keeping the form and tone of the collective work that is this blog, consistent.

But for the most part, what you read in the majority of the blog’s content, is said in a specific character’s voice. We’ll call it the “E.I voice.” E.I stands for Educationally Independent. It is the English translation of my Chinese name. I like to think of it as a really nice way of spinning being stupid.  It also happens to be my first name without the contestants. And really cool writers do that whole double initial thing. E.B. White. T.S. Eliot. J.K. Rowling.

So here’s to the ongoing dialogue between Eric, and E.I.


654 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Eric. I see you liked my post. I’m honored, but I find it odd that you stumbled upon a post where in my anonymous little corner of the world in the desert Southwest, I attempt to cast some wisdom towards semi-eager high schoolers about Emergency Medicine. You remind me of my older brother, but I am certain you are much younger than both he and myself. Good luck on your book.

  2. Great writing Eric, I will be reading much more in the days to come, keep passing your wisdom on to the wise, the stupid of the world won’t get it but the wise do and I’m sure they are quite appreciative

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