Past Creative Endeavors

Check out the first draft of a short novel I wrote last year in the “This is a Book” section! It’s a work in progress, so if you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them all.

If you’d like to read the writing project which accidentally pushed me into stand-up comedy, check out the “This is an Experiment” section. Scroll all the way down to the bottom  for an essay about anal fisting. (seriously, no pun intended)

A little stand-up – From the Neck of the Woods “Walk the Plank” Competition. I lost.

Here is some free music I wrote in college and the year that followed:

Here is my old blog experiments. There is some good writing. There is some bad writing.

A publication from my college days

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20 thoughts on “Past Creative Endeavors

  1. The selection of sound cloud tracks has been fun to listen to. Your writing is strong and funny. One question, meant in a good spirit: do you make a living as a stand-up comedian?If so God bless San Francisco and you should stay right there.I mean everyone should be able to make a living at what they want to do and live wherever they want. My son and I are writing a science fiction movie script. Animated adolescent science fiction…in that realm. Maybe we will stop out to San Francisco for inspiration. He loves the Sharks, Giants, 49ers and Warriors but has never seen any of them play in person.

    • Hello! No I do not self-sustain quite yet. It is very difficult to make an actual living as a stand-up, although doable. There are many local comedians who get by running shows and partaking in EBT programs through the government. That being said, it is one of the best cities to “train” and hone your act/craft. People here are generally up for anything, and there is a great amount of diversity/types of audiences in this one area. I actually work two other jobs, at a library and at one of the comedy clubs in the city. That’s awesome about you and your son! My own father and I have done collaborations in the past and I always looked back on it as a great bonding experience (even though my writing back in those days was horrid). San Francisco is a great place for inspiration. I hope you make the trip happily and safely. Thanks for reaching out! & Thank you for reading/listening. It always means a lot to get positive feedback.

  2. OMG Eric, you have balls of steel, my man. I could never put myself out there in person like you have.
    I tried reading a chapter of my book on webcam, but I just couldn’t do it.
    I have posted the video of your standup at The Blue Belvoir. Thanks for all your likes.


  3. EIW – I just watched your video, and I must say you have a strong performance voice! That’s all. Oh, also, you liked my blog post yesterday, and your name brought up some wild synchronicity for me. Thanks for that. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the “like”. Just read your About….and have scrolled through some of your posts. We sure are at different ends of the spectrum (East coast vs West coast; and looks like age too) — but isn’t it interesting that we’ve connected here? Love the idea of using just the vowels from your name…..I’d be three Ls and and an N…..kind of rolling your Rs but in this case your Ls…. or making “raspberries”! Have you heard that term?
    Keep writing – keep creating. Tis a powerful thing to express the self!
    PS: love San Francisco. Have you been in the Levi corporate headquarters? Even if you’re not into corporations, it’s amazing to go into the lobby. There’s a cutaway of the wall and they’ve used bazillions of old denim/jeans for the insulation. Bulding has won an environmental LEEDS award. Check it out!

  5. they are have there quality..Candle wax left me on a road with a funky R.Johnson and vibrations were shared..Thank you god for this particular ElWong

  6. You look pretty confident in that video, although I know as a poet who also does readings, it can be quite challenging to open yourself to the opinions of others. Good for you!

  7. Okay I’m probably crazy for actually writing this now. But I am totally going to stalk you now! Seriously first that detective stuff and now that stand-up and MUSIC! Wow. You really are one talented guy Eric. 😀 Checking out all your posts and stuff right now.. I’ll be here for very long I think!

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