You’d think there’d be more from Florida

I’ve only heard one plausible ghost story

in my entire life.

My father was in Missouri

where he saw a brief flicker of a translucent confederate soldier grumbling,

“Goddammit, is it crowded over here…”

28 thoughts on “You’d think there’d be more from Florida

  1. if the multiverse is to be believed, i am currently a ghost in florida.
    my only comments to passersby involve expletives as well.
    why the fuck not?
    loving your brain as ever…

  2. I have ‘seen’ two ghosts, and many ‘lights’. Only one took form, it was an old, gray-haired lady walking out the pasture to the old farm house. She wore a gray shawl, or maybe all of her was just sort of gray. It was twilight. I was maybe 100 yards away. The movement caught my eye. I mentioned it to the people who owned the farm the next day at breakfast. They were thrilled. They had known she was there, but had never ‘seen’ her. Her name was Katarina, one of the original homesteaders. The other ‘ghost’ was not seen, but did make things move. She opened the kitchen door of an old house I was sharing with friends, and just came on in. All of us were at the kitchen table. All of us saw it open and then swing shut. All of us panned across the room to the garden room door together, as though we were watching her walk by. One of my friends said she usually hung out in the back bathroom and that appeared to be where she was headed. This is a 100% true recount, not even 10% bullsh–. The other ‘encounters’ have been bright speculars of light just off the edge of my vision, as though someone was looking in over my shoulder. I have had others say the same thing, without any prompting – that they are usually a pin-point of light. Cheers, B. J. Hollywood.

    • Good god, our house is over 100 yrs old and it has it’s share but I digress, we had a pool a very long time ago but we had to board it up and become a patio bc a resident drowned in it.

  3. Thanks for liking my blog post! Do you like to write ghost stories? Also I know this creepy story about a little doll who came to life…and the movie Orphan…can’t say I’m a big fan of horror though to be honest.

  4. I have a plausible one. I had just learned that someone I loved very much had died. I was all alone and I trying not to cry. Something stroked the side of my cheek.

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