One clock, twice daily, every twelve hours

My doctor once said of depression,

“There is no wound greater
than the one unseen;
who festers within
cutting without bleeding
weighing you down
robbing the appetite

& the less apparent our reasons for suffering
the smaller and colder this insidious cage becomes
its vicious whisper
insatiably demanding an unknown,
eating instead the heart & very will
to prosper
from your insides out.”

He died of literally, the biggest tapeworm you’ve ever seen,
which might account for some of that stuff,
but at the time it seemed really deep and whatever…

76 thoughts on “One clock, twice daily, every twelve hours

  1. Whoaaaaa! ‘Never read anything like this … at least I don’t think I have. I don’t know if you are one of the sojourners traveling in and out of depression, but I am. And over the 17 years of counseling folks with mood disorders (among other presenting issues) … I continue to read about depression, and learn about depression. This is a powerful post. I do like your blog … but I don’t get by very often. T

  2. Oh my God! This is so great. No one ever surprises me with their humor and sense of irony. Wow, you are a warm bath. Oops, hope that doesn’t sound icky.

  3. Made me laugh. Loved it. Especially the “seemed really deep and whatever….” It was like for a split second there existed on this plane, like, an intellectual valley girl or something…..

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