Coronavirus Lockdown Diary – Day 1

Organized an online game night with some friends.

Caught up with some folks on the phone.

Tried to stay as calm and normal as possible.


Later, my closest friends, my girlfriend and I will spend several hours

yelling at each other on Skype, accusing one another of being an alien

and trying to shoot people out of an airlock (“Push the Button” Jackbox 6)



My friend’s dad, who is a doctor and a scientist

said that consuming alcohol can potentially lower bacterial and viral body loads.

I don’t know what any of that means, but what it feels like

in my heart of hearts

is that for the good of all my friends and loved ones

I have to get very, very drunk

and jettison my friends and loved ones into space





A few weeks ago

when it was still okay to hug people

my friend Jeff bought me a microphone

trying to get me to take up music again.


Astute bloggers may have noticed

I very briefly posted a message yesterday

about how I would be playing some songs on Twitch

and then deleted that post very quickly

due to some unexamined shame/confidence issues.


Now, I have nothing but time to examine/confront

said shame/confidence issues.


So won’t you join me,

Saturday March 21st at 7:30 PST

for a little Quarantine Concert?

I’ll be playing some old songs on a dusty guitar

maybe a few new.



Hope to see you there.

Stay safe everyone.

One clock, twice daily, every twelve hours

My doctor once said of depression,

“There is no wound greater
than the one unseen;
who festers within
cutting without bleeding
weighing you down
robbing the appetite

& the less apparent our reasons for suffering
the smaller and colder this insidious cage becomes
its vicious whisper
insatiably demanding an unknown,
eating instead the heart & very will
to prosper
from your insides out.”

He died of literally, the biggest tapeworm you’ve ever seen,
which might account for some of that stuff,
but at the time it seemed really deep and whatever…