Three from the b-sides

Just because you make an organic version of something

doesn’t mean it is necessarily “sustainable,”

for instance whack-a-mole.



If these walls could talk

hanging art

would involve a lot of baffled screaming.




I wanted to go cow tipping,

but I dunno, what do you tip a cow?

36 thoughts on “Three from the b-sides

  1. Hey man, I was inspired and made a thing based on the things above! It’s just hosted on imgur, it’s not published or public anywhere. I didn’t know how else to pass it your way. I’m working on my doodle game and I enjoy your writing so here it is. You can use it if you’d like. I can also take it down or just leave it there.

    Here’s the thing:

  2. Quick, short tidbits.
    This is right up my alley.
    I look forward to following you, and if you like photography and 59 word stories I hope you’ll follow back sometime.

  3. Eric, thank you for reaching out to my blog and bringing me into yours. If you haven’t cured your own blues, you certainly are bringing light into other people’s lives through laughter. I’m going to have to arm-wrestle you for that whack-a-mole line. Not even kidding. In the basement the other day my dad handed me a mallet and said he’d chase the critter my way. I did not manage to whack the mole because I was busting up over “guacamole”. Now I’m scared to go into the basement. Also, did you see the Unbreakable Kimmy show of the mole woman marketing mole sauce? It’s 3 hits in a row!

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