We’re all the same

I can empathize with creationists.
It must be infuriating
when evolutionist heathens
throw ideologies in your face,
maddening to the point
where you want to crap in your own hand
& hurl it right back.

But you repress that urge
because you’re more evolved than that.
You’re no barbaric monkey.

Yet deep down,
you still feel that base, sinister, fecal flinging instinct,
on some primitive level
almost as if you had a common ancestor or something…


86 thoughts on “We’re all the same

  1. I have often thought that the doctrine of creation should indeed be reconciled to Darwin’s theory because it were a piece of pride (Lucifer’s sin) on man’s part to believe otherwise. For the sake of metaphorical expression, however, let me say, that I believe we are partly animal and partly god.

  2. It’s the same dynamic that arose when scientists attacked Church doctrine: the earth orbits the sun, not the other way around. We read about it as if they got over it quickly, but they fought it tooth and nail for years. You can ignore and attack reality for a long, long time. We have POWERFUL rationalization engines between our ears…

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