& on the seventh day

“I briefly considered a universe where chickens were the dominant species

& every morning ate scrambled placenta with bacon.

The problem was getting men to wake up at four in the morning

& scream at the sun in unison for no reason.”


-God, on rest.

84 thoughts on “& on the seventh day

  1. Sounds like “The Far Side” with shadings of Gary Larson. Your “haiku’s”, or something like haiku’s are completely, refreshingly off the wall. I know for myself that I’d sooner be boiled in my own hot coffee than get-up at sunrise.

  2. I, from time to time, imagine that dogs are the dominate ones, reading the morning paper and having coffee, and people are the new dogs, walking naked and being thrown at with stones by little puppies who like to see these pathetic humans whimper away.

  3. i see you stopped by for a read…

    i had thought the chickens were the dominate species, so why the hell was man having to wake-up at four in the morning? To sit upon the eggs?

    cheers chris

  4. It’s rare that I find something that in a few lines puts a smile of amusement on my face as quickly as this did. Then left me vaguely haunted. You’ve really got a fantastic voice on the page, and I’ve bookmarked some work on here to peruse more intently. I really like your work. Have you submitted any of this to an agent? You should.

  5. Just… perfect. I mean, I’ve no words, and it is really sad because I’m also a writer (well, a learner). And that’s one of the reasons why I’m here. That’s my wordpress: https://colapsoelverso.wordpress.com/

    I write in spanish but, I don’t know, maybe you understand it. Anyway, it would be very helpfull if you could visit my page and share it with your visitors. Thank you so much!

  6. If you’d done your research you’d know what roosters are actually saying when they scream at the morning sun. If only you knew, you’d be thanking your lucky stars they aren’t the dominant species. And of course as chickens have no teeth, there’s no chance they’d be getting stuck into placenta and bacon.

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