OK Boomer: The Game

Hello Friends!

I have some click-bait for you.




I made it myself


As it turns out

studying poetry and creative writing in college

was not as lucrative as one would hope

and home-boy finds himself wishing he had “lurned 2 code.”

So here’s the first of hopefully many adventures in self-education

using the most basic technologies, an HTML “choose your own adventure” story

capitalizing on the latest fads on the Internet.

Look at that.

I turned 30 and immediately tried to sell out.

…by making a free-to-play game…


Okay, add “business” to the list of things to self-educate upon.



7 thoughts on “OK Boomer: The Game

  1. As a boomer, I’m awed by your technical ability. You can substitute for my first born anytime 🙂
    P.S. The game is a “hoot.” (Hit up google for archaic expressions 🙂
    P.P.S. As eeseul24 said, good to see you back!

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