Life is like The Room: Amazing For All The Wrong Reasons, And We Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way

Hello there handsome,

Today you made your first appearance on a podcast radio program! Check it out here:

Danny Dechi is a great guy. He runs several shows around town, including a weekly show at Neck of the Woods on clement street. It was the first place I bombed, so I have a special place in my heart for it. Iron man 3 had just come out and I thought I would do my whole set in his voice. It was also still bright outside.

But they were the kind of bombs that mattered. Those first few failures are so important for the learning process. It’s one of those things where you have to realize that as a starting comic, bombing is inevitable, so you have to face that eventuality. When it’s over you can either feel bad about yourself and give up, or you can acknowledge that you’re still alive, it wasn’t as bad as you thought it would be, and no one will remember you for it.

No one, three years from now is going to think, “Hey remember when we saw that tall Asian guy bomb at an open mic? What was his name? Eric Wong? Let’s look him up on YouTube and laugh at his failures.”

When was the last time you got together with your friends and said, “Hey let’s to an open mic and film people bombing, take the time to learn their names, and then put it on the Internet to humiliate them in the future!”


Never. Doesn’t happen. No one is ever that big of a dick.

Okay, yeah I’m sure it happens.

(Checks YouTube)


Oh Kramer, you crazy bastard…

Remember, your dad is only good at pinball because he put invested a lot of tooth fairy money in those machines. He dropped a lot of balls, and went out on zero dates. And now he is the pinball king

And waterlogged with pussy.

Remind yourself that to get good at anything, you need a lot of practice. Writing is a craft of unlimited difficulty and I do tend to get really impatient with my rate of progress.

But be proud.

Putting together this blog was a great way of forcing myself to look at all the work I’ve done over the past two years. I can see the progress in my writing, especially when I go back to my college writings.

Just keep practicing. And enjoy yourself. Enjoy that process.

Okay, go to sleep. You’re working both your jobs and you have an audition tomorrow.

Love you, you.

Eric Wong is a writer and comedian. He is up past his bedtime.


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