Perks of the Industry

In Amsterdam

if someone dies without a next of kin

and no one attends their funeral

a poet is hired to write and recite a piece for their service.

It doesn’t pay a whole lot

but at least I can start writing off

those vats of homemade “hobo poison”

as a tax deductible business expense.

relatable meme generator

That awkward moment when

you and your ninja buddies

throw a surprise birthday party

for your other ninja pal

& you totally get him with the surprise

but then later everyone is standing around eating cake thinking,

“Haha, we could have murdered Dave.”

This glass at half capacity

Under certain perspectives

everyday life looks tragic and dull

like watching a mime with no arms.

Yet with a bit of healthy detachment

and noticing little things

perhaps a powerful breeze

it can be beautiful, rich and quite often hilarious,

like watching a mime with no arms.

Hopes & Dreams

I’ve always wanted to open

a Buddhist themed strip club

where all the dancers,

in the traditional Buddhist fashion,

have let go of all Earthly desires

such as the desire for dignity, a stable career,

or ever getting that, “atta boy” from Dad.

Also, they’re men.