This glass at half capacity

Under certain perspectives

everyday life looks tragic and dull

like watching a mime with no arms.

Yet with a bit of healthy detachment

and noticing little things

perhaps a powerful breeze

it can be beautiful, rich and quite often hilarious,

like watching a mime with no arms.

Hopes & Dreams

I’ve always wanted to open

a Buddhist themed strip club

where all the dancers,

in the traditional Buddhist fashion,

have let go of all Earthly desires

such as the desire for dignity, a stable career,

or ever getting that, “atta boy” from Dad.

Also, they’re men.


People often ask me what pens I use to develop ideas

which is a fair question.

I have these old pens that use real paint

but got recalled a while back

because kids were using them to get high.

So I use those pens,

then I come up with an idea

go to my computer

and actually do some writing.