Pimp your LinkedIn/This Picnic is Filth

I’m a volunteer

anonymous life-coach


although I’d like to see myself

as the Gordon Ramsay

of volunteer anonymous life-coaches


who works primarily with small children, the elderly

or any other park-goer off put by a clown

in full military camouflage


& there are nine of us in the camouflage


but I’m the Gordon Ramsay.

8 thoughts on “Pimp your LinkedIn/This Picnic is Filth

  1. I love the idea of being so well adjusted and centered to be a volunteer life coach. I am not sure I would want to emulate Gordon Ramsay. Be well. Huge

  2. Gah! Clowns are bad enough….but clowns in military camouflage? Don’t want to think about that at all. But I really admire your imagination!

  3. Great post! For my own very dark vision of clown-terror, see post (linked below) made back in May. In many ways, as Charlottesville unfolded, it looked to me like my post come to life. Though the clowns there were less the police and more the alt-right nazis klansmen. Though the Charlottesville police seemed, to me at least, to largely stand by and let mayhem occur, and in some cases actually seemed to intervene to help the actively violence-perpetrating nazis, but not the unarmed anti-klan folks who were getting beaten (and eventually run down), and even shot at by the nazi-klan clowns. What a world.

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