Poet Robot – Now Available, Also… Goodbye for now

Today’s the day.

You can get the book here:



And now for a farewell (for now).

All methods, ideally, self-destruct.

I began this blog as a means of coping with depression, anxiety and anger.

I did so by expressing said depression, anxiety and anger

in jokes which made me laugh,

converting pain into something light and joyous.


But eventually, the natural pain subsides

and I was left with a vehicle

which demanded pain

such that beauty could be created.


So for many months, I asked myself to bleed

beyond what wounds were innately there,


and so the means of liberation from pain

became a trap within itself.


This is not to say I am done writing forever,

only that it is time to change gears,

and for that to happen one must give space.


You can write to me at poetrobot@gmail.com

and I will do my best to reply.

Again, if you are exceedingly poor but would still like a book,

let me know and we can make that happen.


I love you.

I love you.

I love you.


Until we meet again

61 thoughts on “Poet Robot – Now Available, Also… Goodbye for now

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  2. I have depression, anxiety and anger. You have inspired me too be more forthcoming in my blog about smoking. Which is one way I have come to cope with these ailments. Maybe if you have time you could check out my blog at sonomacountyvaping.wordpress.com and give me some pointers about how I could make my blog better as I am a novice writer but you have inspired me and for that I thank you

  3. And I only just discovered you, bummer. It seems you might have returned, though. Just do what I do. Start from scratch.

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