Fugue for Trumpets

Prior to the train robbery itself

a portion of horses must think

on some level

that they will get on the train

with their bandit masters


& on that same level

must walk home alone


through no fault of their own

like total losers.

25 thoughts on “Fugue for Trumpets

  1. In my mind these horses are also performing a walk of shame and this poem made me laugh out loud (they also have high heels looped through their saddles because of my overactive imagination)

    • They blatantly overlook the fact that their “strongest horse” is being funded by Disney, which in the past few decades has taken a liking to buying up the intellectual property of baby boomer heroes and 90’s nostalgia, repackaging it and then making a ton of money using the same old, same old corporate business tricks that Disney is well known for. The other major donors to that “inevitable horse” are the financial institutions responsible for the financial crisis and the man who invented currency speculation. The academic horse, because it’s been told it’s so smart its whole life, believes that it can piece together the truth using tidbits from late night TV comedy shows and the quotes from newspapers recited by comedians, the owners of which are also strongly pulling for this “inevitable horse.” Then the academic horses’ spoiled horse children have the nerve to go perpetuate the narrative that the other side are filled with stupid, uneducated people who never look at the facts. This creates a divide in Horse America where the middle class is attacking the working class, the working class are attacking the poor, and the poor are trying to attack the rich, but have no idea how to even conceptualize their level of wealth, and end up attacking the middle class, who have been set up as a line of defense by the richest horses in the world.

      You have to believe me when I say, I did try my best to make this funny.

      • I didn’t realize the depth of your anger until now though I thought I understood the principle. The directness of your response causes me to rethink the depth of callousness the ultrarich will go to in order to divert the anger of the common man back to himself. Thanks for pulling me out of the dark ages of psychology in as much as how far a financial entity will go in order to perpetuate its goals. Not too bad for a comedian ! Seriously , good thought Eric. William [ Sorry, I do hate to make some one explain the joke. ]

  2. If one horse is a philosopher, he can hopefully convince the others that they have escaped humiliating servitude from their human overlords at last. It’s all about perspective.

  3. Wow…I got a nice visual of horses plodding home alone with heads hung low with shame for being losers. They get no reward for catching the train, quite the opposite when their masters leave them. =)

  4. To be completely honest, I came here to do a self promotion of my own blog. But now I kinda feel crappy about that because there is no way in hell that I could ever post something so brilliantly clever and as humorous as this, that would make somebody click away from this. This is very awesome, seriously.

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