however fleeting

I’d like to think,
when I walk face first into a spider web,
there’s a brief moment
where the spider thinks it’s his lucky day

Followed quickly
by that feeling that you’ve bitten off
way more than you can chew
but like times a thousand.

66 thoughts on “however fleeting

  1. I just discovered your blog and love it so I’ve nominated you for the versatile blogger award! Check out my post on it and then do yours 😀 x
    ps. If you’ve already been nominated, apologies, I didn’t notice, but hey now you’ve got two nominations!

  2. Not kidding, sometimes I feel guilty for messing up a web. Not for long. Silly spiders webbing humans. Hey a ‘like’ from such a talented writer and accomplished poet is an honor. Thank you, sincerely.

  3. This just struck my funny bone like a bolt outta the blue! If you could only hear the neighbours laughing (sometimes waaay ahead of time in anticipation) when I make my daily foray into the gigantic spiderweb that IS my backyard!!

    Wonderful way to end my day, with visions of spiderweb ninjas floating through my mind!! 🙂 😀

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I’ll surely be making the trip to yours, regularly!


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  5. You are a revelation. For someone who has gone through being diagnosed and medicated for clinical depression, you are a hope that I will cling on to. Keep them posts coming. cheers! 🙂

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