46 thoughts on “a cry in the night, unanswered

  1. Thia is absolutely beautiful. I mean, how crazy do you have to be to flounder over that?! But then again, like Dr. Seuss said, “Being crazy isn’t enough.”, but it definitely is a step towards saving the universe, isn’t it, considering there’s still stuff to save?

  2. Hi there, with the overload of wordpress, it’s tough to see the posts from all followers. The new change makes it even more difficult to post from android.

    Oh well, God will direct.

    Have a great thanksgiving and blessings, Emma

  3. the irony is that conveyer belts were lovingly hand crafted by artisans. the great secret of the industrial revolution must never be revealed, except in the comments section of a random internet humor blog.

  4. Perhaps there is only one conveyor belt, it expands, it’s divided in two, they expand. Or perhaps like a certain theory of electrons postulated due to that all electrons appear to be identical, there is only one belt, it’s everywhere in the universe at once only when something is placed upon it does it’s probabilistic wave form collapse and move the product along, until its called in to existence at some other point in time and space, this would go a long way to explaining how nuts get in to my cornflakes.

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