50 thoughts on “raw data

  1. ‘Til death do you part…

    Much like an assassin – you slay with a brevity of words. Truly an art form of skill.

  2. Hi.
    Enjoy your use of language in a most original manner and find the talent refreshing and insightful at the same time. Thank you for liking one of my posts, and I will return here soon to enjoy more of your . . . thoughts.


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  5. LOL! That’s right, they can’t divorce you if they’re dead… And assasins get paid a lot of cash, so it’s easier to make someone just disappear. Besides, if they’re an assasin, there’s not a lot of room for compassion. Thanks! This really busted me up!

  6. Buttons (may help high divorce rates)

    I want to
    put buttons
    in your cereal
    to sprinkle
    a handful
    like parmesan,
    a bright confetti,
    the smooth edge
    of a red
    will calm that
    either way
    they should help
    to keep
    your mouth
    the next time
    I’m watching t.v.

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