define disappointment

To me, the saddest thing in the world

would be a hungry, yet hopeful vulture

optimistically flying into a zombie wasteland.


Hello everyone!

I’ve added a new page to this site. If you would like me to do a show in your town, go to the “Let’s do a tour?” page ( and leave a comment.

Thanks and happy Monday,


32 thoughts on “define disappointment

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  2. Hey E.I., could you maybe write more about your mom? There is nothing I love more than to hear about a man’s take on his schizoid, almost-psychotic mom. I would put off a whole wkend’s activities to read a novel about that.

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    • To Tasha Michelle and William leeone–It is this sort of attitude by the living that has set back Zombie emancipation and equality for centuries! I find this kind of narrow-minded generalization demeaning and hurtful. That and it suggest you are lacking in…BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIINS.

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