You shouldn’t need three

If I could have any wish
I would wish to witness the moon landing
as the first two men took to the lunar surface.
And if I could have a second wish
I would wish that they would then hunt each other
for my amusement and hand in marriage.

38 thoughts on “You shouldn’t need three

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  3. I’m sorry, but I’m really old. This means nothing, other than ‘I was there’ to witness the actual moon landings. Well alright, not actually THERE, but my mother got me up at stupid o’clock, half-asleep to watch the moon landings on TV. It was the best moment of my young life. But I’ve never had a wish to marry either of them. If that’s what you meant…

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  5. I was “present” for the moon landing. Elementary school and they put TVs in most of the classrooms so we could watch and listen. B&W TV with fuzzy pictures, and crackly sound. It was one of the most boring days of my life. Your version would’ve been so much more interesting.

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