Crimes exposed

Recently, I choreographed a children’s flash-dance,

& was immediately taken to prison.



No one’s suspicions aroused

when kid Sherlock Holmes

couldn’t crack the case

of, “Who Burned the Sidewalk Ants?”

20 thoughts on “Crimes exposed

  1. Ironically, the idea of a children’s flash-dance was brought up (on a whim) with the kids this weekend. Great timing. I am really digging your piece (as well as all your pieces). Cheers ~

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  3. This is why I’m not fond of poetry. It can be so wonderfully weird that it makes me think.

    That’s it.

    It makes me think.

    And my beleaguered brain tires rather easily in busy days like these (which are most) that I don’t want to think after.

    Thank you for all of your posts. My synapses, and the neurons that use the synapses highways in my head, thank you.

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