The dying days of passive racism

My grandfather grew up in a village in China with no running water,

where families had to slaughter their own livestock,

there was only one telephone for the whole town

and no one ever got caught cheating

because everyone looked the same.


Wait, so you mean to tell me

there can be a Lady Footlocker

in every mall in America,

but you try to open one “Gap for Blacks”

& all of a sudden I’m the bad guy?


All of your complaints to any of this content are all completely valid. Your social outrage is noted and I would like to personally thank you for taking up responsibility in defending your fellow Earthlings.Ā Ā  – E.I.

43 thoughts on “The dying days of passive racism

  1. Whenever someone tells me that something I’ve said or written “Offends” them I just say to them, “Get over it. Your life is too short to waste it being “offended” by what someone else says…unless you’re just a crybaby. Then I don’t care about you at all.”

    • I agree. Taking offense is not the same as giving it. You give it to hurt. You take it to be hurt. It’s just another way to attack someones perspective. Passive aggressively of course.

  2. “no one ever got caught cheating because everyone looked the same” haha :P. Let me just bring this other guys wife home real quick, they’re all the same anyways. On a more serious note, I agree that some “social justice” activists take their messages too far.

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  4. everybody is fair game and I like that…I always say I laughed hard because I laugh so fucking hard…your snippets are something to smile about later if one should cross your mind…

  5. If its something said out of blatant ignorance, that’s something to be offended about.. Being HONEST about something is what people hate on others for.. Been there, going through that now, as a black woman in England, where everyone pretends racism is gone, due to higher numbers of biracial children!

  6. LOL, loved this (as well as some others). But equally amused with mildredmoss’ comment… being a spanish/redneck (and thats not an oxymoron). HA HA

  7. Try walking around a provincial town in Ireland with a Vietnamese child holding your hand. Strangers actually walk up and say ‘Oh she is so pretty. Is she Chinese?’ Always ‘Is she Chinese?’ They don’t mean any harm. They just want to tell me that my daughter is pretty and are not looking for a lecture. For many people in my town the only Asian people they have ever met ARE Chinese and let’s face it, they would be doing well to figure out that she is Vietnamese. We have a long, long way to go so those of you who are offended by such mistakes best give my town a wide berth just in case you were planning to visit any time soon.

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