The ladies love a charitable guy

I’ve been spending a lot of time

working on an STD awareness campaign

targeted specifically at former lovers…


This piece was curated with the begrudging consent of my real life girlfriend, who insists I clearly state that we are very safe and that she is “immaculate down there.”

29 thoughts on “The ladies love a charitable guy

  1. immaculate is a good thing. especially down there. when i first met my wife she insisted i get tested for every STD known to man. I had a past. a really fun one. think charlie sheen. anyway, i got a clean bill of health. this doesn’t mean to say i condone frivolous youthful or adult insanity but sometimes you get lucky. you may not.

  2. As a high school teacher, I think STD awareness is important. I once had a whole classroom full of students inform me that they’d had a sex party at someone’s house and all took turns in the pool. They thought they were being safe because the “chlorine killed all the germs….” SMH

  3. Haha you are incredibly concise in your wittiness. Any STD awareness campaign is a good campaign I guess 😛 Immaculate doesn’t account for all the microbes.

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