44 thoughts on “Our Perpetual Screaming Machine

  1. I love this blog! If you’re ever appearing in one of the Tucson comedy clubs (yes-there are more than one) or want to–my couch is yours for a couple of days–let me know. I’ll shortly be doing AR for an old friend, another SF standup guy, and would be happy to also hit the clubs up for you if you’d want.

  2. This reminds me of goldfish who supposedly have a 3-second memory span – but that myth has since been debunked. I wrote a depressing poem about it years ago. Might have to post it now. Every lap around the bowl…”look it’s a castle and a treasure chest!” Now what would an evil genius put in the fishbowl?

  3. You are playing your A game. You know what…there is twelve step program that I am starting for narcissitic writers. I admit I have a problem. Did they say that you have to admit you have a problem first and that this was half the battle. I am not sure.

  4. man..;, you are the only person./…. whose writing I can say I., deeply… admire. nowadays………

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