For fair compensation among other reasons

In biblical times
the soldier’s custom
was to sever a memento
of the slain

usually a scalp,
sometimes an ear
& on occasion

to prove the dead were men

a foreskin.


“David, I heard you won your fight with Goliath.

& hey… I like your tube top.”

46 thoughts on “For fair compensation among other reasons

  1. Back in those days I would never have brought home a foreskin, why let my lover know there were bigger ones out there than mine……giggle giggle. love the post. Hugs

  2. Your poem and joke rolled into one (no pun intended) reminds me of a joke in which a man enters a psychiatrist’s office wearing nothing but cellophane. The shrink says, “I can clearly see you’re nuts.” Thanks for liking my last blog piece.

  3. Haha, that gave me a good laugh! Tank you also for checking out my blog, you probably noticed I’m new to WordPress so not much to see, but hey anyway, you’re blog gives for a fantastic read. Stay true to yourself, peace!

  4. In Tibet there is the practice of dismembering the body after death (any human death) and scattering the remains in the frozen charnel grounds. The ground in the land of snows, after all, is too frozen for burial. Apparently, vultures consider it a version of carrion paradise. Perhaps you can write a poem about that.

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