Seriously, don’t be afraid

The Bible says that in the End Times,
fire will rain down from the sky.
But I’m not worried.
I’m sure whatever tries to rain fire from the sky
will be shot down by the hellfire missile of a predator drone
long before it becomes an issue.

54 thoughts on “Seriously, don’t be afraid

    • So, you’re looking forward to everyone being tortured even worse than they are now, until ultimately the human race, for its reward, is burnt up as the planet turns into a ball of fire. Remind me not to get you to babysit my grandkids.

      • No, I’m looking forward to the new heaven and earth, when all things are made new and there is no more sin, no more pain, no more sickness. A seed must die for the new plant to grow. And if you actually read Revelation and the Bible as a whole, it doesn’t say the whole human race is burnt up. Peace, Linda

      • Where do you think this new heaven and earth are going to come from? Do you really think they are going to appear magically in the sky? We already have an earth and the sky is the heaven. I see peace as not blowing that up in the name of an imaginary fairytale.

  1. What if what it hits rains down burning parts on where ever it is hit. I always thought fire from the sky meant big stinging bugs. Hugs

  2. Go ahead, try to nuke ‘rain’ with a missile. The missile might catch on fire but that’s about it. Hopefully by then we’ll become mole people and live underground. 😛

  3. Vừa xem một đoạn phim câm cũ về O. Moses và O. Pharaoh thì đọc được bài thơ này 🙂
    Liên tưởng đến đoạn người Isareal chạy trốn và bị kẹt ở Biển Đỏ, O. Moses nói với những đứa con của Isareal rằng đừng sợ hãi mà hãy nhìn tưởng lửa sẽ đổ xuống, chặn giữa đội quân của Pharaoh và những đứa con Isareal kìa…

  4. Personally, I always rather liked where I grew up, a place pretty much triangulated between three major military bases (i.e., Ground Zero for enemy attacks), perched on the edge of a tsunami zone, and not only on one of the liveliest sections of the Ring of Fire whose volcanoes are consistently voted ‘Most Likely to Succeed in Imploding within Our Lifetimes’ by seismologists but also in a town directly in the lahar path of the most likely candidate among *those* mountains. I figure that if the End Times arrive before I’m quite ready to shuffle off, chances are pretty good I’d be well and truly blown to smithereens one way or another before I even know what hit me. But I’m also pretty sure I’ll be more sanguine about the whole thing if I happen to be lounging around with my sweetheart, sipping a nice cocktail and nibbling tasty canapés whilst it all transpires. 😀

  5. Glad you liked my latest blog post. I sort of laughed at this one of yours. The end times–LOL–people keep predicting them but alas….However, if humans do not change this planet may come nearly uninhabitable. Maybe we will invent drones to protect the environment or generate electricity.

  6. Yes! Finally, someone else who understands why we must sacrifice our freedom for security: preventing biblical apocalypses.
    Seriously though, I dig the simplicity with sarcasm vibe you’ve got going. I followed.

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