27 thoughts on “the hovercraft of armament

  1. Gotta say that I really, really love your poetry! Damn nice writing. I think I’d have to buy you a beer (or the libation of your choice) were I to run into you on the street. This is great stuff. Glad you’re putting it out into the world. LOVED the poem about your grandmother and the weeds. Brilliant.

  2. Nice Eric, although I can sense there is a bit of a dangerous streak right under you surface….but donΒ΄t take it out on me.

    By the way, I read the other day on your about page that you are a stand up comic, found out that to be quite fascinating. So if you ever make it to the Tonight Show, you know remember me.

    P.S. WordPress has taken my face out, tried to change it and now only a blue freaky box appears.
    P.S 2 I could write some jokes for you or some monologues

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