The double feature

Mission accomplished

The main difference
between predator drones
and commercial airplanes
is the number of people involved in the flight,
and how those people react
when they hear the cries and screams
of little foreign babies.


True story

My grandmother does things her own way.
She doesn’t pull weeds, or use weed killer
instead, she lays spare lumber on top of them
until they wither and die.
It’s eco friendly,
it’s not labor intensive
& at the end of the day, no one wants to question
a ninety year old Chinese woman who
this morning
smothered some dandelions with a door.

34 thoughts on “The double feature

  1. An interesting, yet scary observation.

    As for your grandmother, I think I had a Chinese professor in her mid forties or so. I didn’t dare question her. I just remember her tone of finality when she told me “Work on your tones” in first year Mandarin when I couldn’t say “I am Filipino” satisfactorily.


    She made us repeat our sentences until we got the tones right. Then we had to repeat them with the acquired tones, ten times. I guess you can say she was weighing our bad accents down with spare lumber? Yeah.

  2. My Grandmother just removed all the soil and replaced it with bluestone gravel, when her gardening days were over.The rain could still filter through, but nothing,even a weed ever grew.I would love to read more about your grandmother,sounds like a practical person to me.

  3. My Chinese roommate would put eggshells in her plants and slept on a board placed on top of her bed mattress. That is just the way things are done she would say, when I asked. Also she had an old Chinese proverb for everything. She was like a walking encyclopedia. Thank you for stopping by and liking my post. Be blessed today. Meghan

  4. I love the story about your brilliant grandmother. As well as being hilarious, it presents her as being a very astute and resourceful woman. Mission Accomplished is a lot more gritty, but cleverly written.

  5. ways to deal with things in our world in different and not normal ways is exciting and often illuminating. We learn much from doing the unconventional. thank you for sharing. Hugs

  6. This to me is very clever. ‘Mission Accomplished’ had me nodding and I expected the next bit to be on the same subject. But your gran’s story took me by surprise and delighted me. Then I found myself returning to the first as a comparison. Then making this comment. Both pieces will now reside in my mind as thought-provoking wisdom. If you don’t have a career in advertising it’s their loss. Truly, mission accomplished.

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