Carole’s dead

A firefly’s light
lights every direction
except the direction the firefly is facing
& presumably traveling
which must be frustrating for the firefly
& might explain why you always see them in groups
hovering aimlessly in circles…

“No, Bob. You fly backwards by me
Keith spins in a circle
& I try to figure out where the frick Carole went.

She went flying off into the woods
once that bird started chasing her.
Carole’s great at escaping,
but I don’t know
as a species
we’re really easy to follow
at night…”

48 thoughts on “Carole’s dead

  1. “lights every direction
    except the direction the firefly is facing”
    This finally gave me the enlightenment why there’s something about fireflies that I love so much [except of course for their beautiful nature]. So a firefly is like a hero that puts other people’s needs before his/her own. 🙂
    Worth reading this, definitely one of my favorite now!

  2. Oh for a firefly – in any direction. The most spectacular thing on earth (apart from hummingbirds) and we have neither in New Zealand!

  3. I’ve been away from the blogosphere for a while, and had an entertaining, at times laugh-aloud funny, time browsing your posts today. the second stanza reminded me of my school teaching days.

  4. If we could only fly a mile in someone else’s glowing butt. Thank you for the like on my page. I look forward to reading more of your blog. I dug this poem! I hope there are more like it!

  5. Evening.
    I really enjoyed reading, well, all of the posts I viewed with this visit. Thanks for your appreciation of one of my entries. By the way, I suppose a moth does respond quicker to the light. Cheers!


  6. I quite liked this. Made me think about us as people and how we truly are when navigating our own lives. Seems as we move forward we are always gravitating towards the dark and unknown. While all that is known however seem to be the things that lay behind us. While they are lit and traveled roads, they do little to no good in lighting up the direction we deem most appropriate to go. So we wander aimlessly in the dark hoping someone is willing to fly backwards and light the way.

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