Health & Safety Tip For Traveling

It’s been said the safest place to sit on the bus is at the back

but I think

the safest place to sit

is in the middle of that row of seats

which face sideways

at the front of the bus

because that’s where they put all the elderly, disabled and pregnant people

& that way, in the event of a crash

you can use all those disabled, pregnant and elderly people

as fleshy, defenseless airbags.


You guys, there’s more Detective’s Log. It’s getting weird.


22 thoughts on “Health & Safety Tip For Traveling

  1. DUDE. YES.

    I am going to think of this poem every time I board the bus now. Never thought of it this way before, but I think you’re onto something here. Brilliant!

    “…fleshy, defenseless airbags…” hahaha!

  2. But what if there’s no room in those front seats for the elderly, disabled and pregnant because all those seats have been taken by you and me?! Very entertaining!

  3. Sorry I live in the country with out any kind of mass transit buses, never used them. However in a car crash anyone can be used as an air bag, willing or not. Hugs

  4. Buses will probably be packed like a pub with free beer this Christmas season. Board early, be safe, and in case of an accident be sure to remember what you mother told you about going out in public with clean underwear. Although that never made sense to me as I figured they would get ruined in an accident anyway. But mother may be right, so I always wear clean underwear even though my initials aren’t on them.

  5. LOL Now the next bus ride i’ll be like, “After you pregnant women, and elderly people. No, I insist!” Best.Poem.Ever.

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