regarding darts

I rent, and I really want my deposit back,

so I have pictures hanging up all around my dartboard.


Why is the only place it’s socially acceptable to play darts

is with and around drunk people?


We’ve outlawed drinking and driving,

texting and driving,

we socially discourage texting and drinking


But throwing miniature spears

in a dark, crowded room

at a target the size

of roughly a head?


Sure, make a game of it.

In fact, why not make it an internationally recognizable staple

of drinking culture…



25 thoughts on “regarding darts

  1. I love this. Not only do you write very well, you also have a keen eye for the things in our life that make little to no sense. So many of us fail to see the things that are off. We just go along and accept the world with all its weirdness. It is great to have people like you to help us see it, and see beyond it. Hugs

  2. This is brilliant and spot on, in a very disturbing way. Now I’m always going to think about it if I see someone playing darts. I mean, why not just go out and shoot arrows. Marvelous writing. I tip my hat to you.

  3. Very amusing 🙂 A friend and I had a similar conversation, a bit ago. I have seen some amazing bullseyes that might not have happened while the person was sober, but I’ve also seen some people come close to getting it right in the head, which still makes me cringe.

  4. I don’t trust people with darts when they’re sober let alone when they’re drunk. On the odd occasion I have played darts I always stand way behind the minature spear chucker.

  5. Lol I once (while drinking) asked my friend Kevin if he would go stand in front of the dart board so i could prove how good my aim was.
    “So that you can show everyone how well you can avoid hitting my head?” He asked.
    “So that I can show everyone how accurately I can hit your left eyeball.”

    He said no. Lol.

  6. How very funny! We love darts in our family–they’re a great diversion when stuck for long periods in a hospital bed. Just be sure to use a sheet for a backdrop and try not to be throwing one when the nurse comes in. We found it’s best to play them with a visitor, so that in the event of check-ins, your visitor can quickly remove the dartboard until the nurse leaves. Just tell them you covered the the television to reduce the glare from the window.

  7. The lunacy of it all is what makes it a sport…come to think of it do any sports seem sane or less violent? Football (run a awkwardly shaped ball from pole to pole and try not to get clobbered), Soccer (bounce a ball off of your head and take turns trying not to kick each other), Tennis ( smack a ball as hard as you can at one another), and then perhaps there is darts…

  8. I have one of me on my site. For unique therapy purposes I suggest downloading it and throwing darts at it. I am just a people too. I understand the problem almost going narcissist too. It is a severe people hating mental disorder to disease. I was close myself. It is hard sometimes not to. That world however will change so feel free to use me as pin up girl here.

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