A child, right now

Right now, there are maybe around five hundred kids in America.

They are thirteen years old,

& born in mid June, 2002.

They are learning about human physiology,

the saltier parts of American History,

and maybe they’re just a little better than average

at applying mathematics to the real world.

And today is the day,

that one of them,

realizes there’s a chance

they were conceived on 9/11.

3 thoughts on “A child, right now

  1. Thank you for posting this. I do hope they do not give that date too much importance in their lives. The are so much more than that. I think instead of celebrating what those terrorist did , we should celebrate every aspect of these kids lives, their hopes their dreams, their fears, their needs, their growing up and leading our country. The thing about 911, it shocked us, it made us see things we had denied, however, other countries have been dealing with their own multiple 911 for far more years then we ever did. I just don’t want to add to the already horrific events by saddling a kid with the idea he was conceived on that date due to his parents need for comfort. They are worth far more than that. I will agree to be conceived in true love is a great thing, it is just I don’t know if these kids understand the fear their parents had at that time. Thanks for the interesting post and many hugs.

  2. Very nice. Didn’t see it coming – but yes.

    There are other children in the world conceived in wartime, after presidents are shot, when we heard of the fall of the Berlin Wall or Saddam Hussein’s statue.

    They are an affirmation that, in the light of tragedy, there is hope.

    And that their parents weren’t paying attention!

    I have one such child in a novel I’m writing – he came about because something strongly emotional happened – and no one was thinking of such things as possible. He may some day do addition.

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