Last Words

“… And I would like to be remembered
as a man who never discriminated
against anyone, even the severely
retarded.” the axe murderer decreed.

In the moments before execution,
he told the victims’ families
just how resilient and strong the deceased were,

later clarifying,
he meant how difficult it was
to dismember their flailing bodies.

6 thoughts on “Last Words

  1. I love this because it exhibits the androgynous form of manifestation. We live by duality and thus have difficulty manifesting what we want. This just goes to show that anything can be used for good or bad if you just let go of any pre-conceived notions or fear. You will get what you want even if it causes harm to another under the right conditions. The real question is can those that were hurt let go of their pre-conceived notions and fear to get what they want. Just my cryptic observation of what I consider to be a rather ingenious moment of writing on your part.

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