Why Blogging Is The Worst

My largest issue with blogging is the perceived need of the creator to produce content on a regular basis, which inevitably leads to shit content. Many blogs giving advice about blogging say that you should find a peak blogging hour to post and to do it regularly so that your audience knows you will always be there for them and blah blah blah…

Why must we pretend like we always have something important to say? Why can’t Anderson Cooper just pop on screen and say, "the plane is still missing, there are still not enough jobs, and Obama is doing something that you find displeasing?"

I think that blogs have done to creative writing what the twenty-four hour news circuit has done to journalism. I’m sure there are probably thousands of blog posts communicating this very idea. It is almost as though this medium, which was meant to give anyone and everyone the power of publishing and distributing through a digital medium, has become so large and over-saturated that it is in fact, stifling and murdering the creative impulse.

I caught myself thinking, why should I care what time of day I post a blog post? Especially considering that my audience is essentially my girlfriend… and she’s just making sure I’m not trash talking her on any public forums.

Love you, sweetie.

But I feel as though if we as a people want to hail the Internet as a landmark achievement in human history, we should regard it with respect, and try not to soil it with even a silver-lining of nonsense.

Porn is fine.
The weirder the better.
Just shut up about your cat.

Love, me.

Eric Wong is a writer.

6 thoughts on “Why Blogging Is The Worst

  1. I couldn’t agree more emphatically. There’s now so much written noise that it’s difficult and time consuming to wade through to something worth reading, both in quality of language and style as well as content.

    I’d never had a pet before three months ago and had shared your opinion on including them as subject. And then I wrote a piece that mentioned my cat, and sex, and you “liked” it!


    And here’s another one:

    Ha! Take that!

  2. I like a lot of what you’ve said here. I mean, just the title of your blog says a lot – ha ha, I do love it. Thanks for liking my posts from time to time. I’ll take it as a compliment considering the above. 🙂

  3. Difficult to believe but I was thinking to write about the topic you wrote just before I read your post. But I know that I will come up with more different thoughts when I’ll sit to write even if the topic is same. So I hope I will write. Maybe. I’m a bit lazy. Let’s see.

  4. Yes. Glad I stumbled onto this. I don’t want to fill my blog with shit content, I have to atop pressuring myself. Writing just comes naturally.

    Thanks for this. Needed to hear it today.

  5. Yes, trying to keep up with the good stuff w/o being overwhelmed by the junk is a challenge, like looking for a needle in a haystack. Come to think of it, do I really want to find a needle that may have been shared by weirdos with fascinating diseases?

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