19 March, 2014 23:14

Hello You,

It’s been a while since we did one of those self-affirmation letters, probably because you’ve been so busy doing amazing things that you should be proud of. For the past few weeks you’ve been hustling to book some little showcases in SF and around the Bay Area. That is a big accomplishment and a huge switch from your previous mode of behavior which was very cowardly. I’ve also decided to start planning out my first tribble run up to the Portland/Eugene area.

A lot of comics who have been helping/advising me asked what I wanted out of comedy/stand-up, and the idea of going on the road seemed really appealing. An old high school acquaintance who happens to be a comic recommended I try doing a little vacation/run up north to see if I liked the general feel of being "on the road." Of course, I have a lot of preparation to do… namely, I don’t know if the ten-twelve minutes of solid, working material is enough to have under my belt to do a run up north. I think it should be fine since I’m not expecting to feature, just do some mics and have fun… It’ll be fine.

But it is very exciting to see the way things are changing. Anyway, good job.


Eric Wong is a writer in San Francisco. He will be at the Sanctuary Lounge in Livermore on Thursday at 7:30PM telling some amazingly well-crafted jokes with impeccable delivery and timing.

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