A Love Poem

I wouldn’t consider myself a shallow man,but I cannot tell Isla Fisher and Amy Adams apart.

Yet I would donate my organs to them
if they needed them
or not

Based entirely on the fact that they are physically impeccable humans
and I want to be inside of them
under any capacity
although I cannot tell them apart
nor am I entirely confident in the pronunciation of the former’s name.

What I am sure of though
is that there is a margin of flexibility within perfection
and within that margin, we can find comfort in our differences
and embrace them as part of said perfection
(for what is inflexibility but a flaw)

Knowing all the while that red headed women are perfect
and red headed men are monsters.

An irony so balanced in perfection
that the more freakishly horrific a fourteen year old angst ridden ginger boy is
the more lovely his female counterpart may be.

This is the Shallow Tao.

Eric Wong is a writer in San Francisco. He once trained as a poet. It did not go well.


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