“Let’s have a redbull and then do some customer service work!” – a man full of terrible ideas

I got a total of two hours of sleep last night because I stayed up playing Marvel Universe Legos.

I have had 6 cups of coffee and a red bull.
I am serving the public between 9:30 and 6:00.

Yesterday I ate 29 hot wings, had six beers,
and made a pot of kidney beans.

No beans were eaten.

This morning, at about six, I had a fart that smelled exactly like a shit soaked in buffalo sauce. Because that is exactly what happened in my body.

I literally used an entire bottle of Frank’s Wing Sauce. Which means that I ate 29 chicken wings, had 6 beers and a bottle of wing sauce.

Eric Wong is a writer in San Francisco. He has the body proportions of an anorexic midget who is also gigantic.


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