Make friends without names

Hello. This may advocate smoking, so if that bothers you, you probably shouldn’t read on…

Let me explore a philosophy honestly. I just smoked a cigarette because I was irritated and knew I had to hang out with my dear girlfriend. It’s late, we’re both a little on edge an yet still committed to hanging out on Valentines day…

Does it make sense to smoke a cigarette to calm myself down? I probably take five or ten minutes off my life if the reports are to be believed, but I might also be saving myself from an hour of fighting late at night over something that doesn’t matter. If you don’t end up having the fight, aren’t you still like 50 minutes of decent living up?

Sure my mouth tastes bad, and I feel a tinge of guilt for smoking a cigarette, but the idea of getting in a fight on valentines day sounds way worse…

So clearly I’ve already made my decision. Does that make this my self-righteous justification?

Sure does.


Eric Wong is a writer and comedian. His Valentine’s Dat make-out session is going to be a little less fun for his girlfriend, unless she’s into smokey tongue…

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