Review – Eugene Mirman’s God is a Twelve-Year-Old Boy with Aspberger’s

God is a Twelve-Year-Old Boy with Aspberger’s is Mirman’s fifth comedy album. How does this individual have such a high level of output? It was his college major. Because he’s a bad-ass.
What I enjoy most about Mirman’s style of humor is that while it is surreal and absurd, it is still very grounded in reality, in that he will essentially play pranks on the world, and then tell an audience about said pranks. I’ve only listened to two of Mirman’s albums, (the library only has a limited selection, and I’m still waiting for my hold on the Invite Them Up compilation. Sue me, I’m a human being who’s also writing this blog for free. Why am I getting so defensive over something you don’t care about? I don’t know. Write me a letter and explain it to me.) but from what I’ve gathered from the two, a common trope of Mirman’s stand-up is reading the letters he writes to companies. Again, I don’t know the comedian’s body of work well enough to know whether or not he actually sends out these letters, but in the moment of listening to the album, I am on board. Did he actually take out a newspaper ad with his published letter to his cable company?
Lemme Google it….
Okay, yes he did.
Did he write a letter to Delta Airlines, and then have his audiences send in massive numbers of postcards to Delta Airlines insulting the company?
Maybe, and absolutely.
That is probably, for me, what makes Mirman a great comic and successful at what he does. He keeps things real. Part of what made Jerry Seinfeld great, and what makes a lot of comedians great, is that they say the things we’re afraid to say. By contrast, Mirman is doing what we’re afraid to do.
I originally intended for this to be a strict review of the album, but if you only know Eugene Mirman from his voice acting, do yourself a great personal favor and check out his stand-up. He has a degree in it.
He is also doing many shows at Sketchfest, so he is in San Francisco right now. I don’t know if they have all passed or not, I’ve already Googled something for this post and I’m not doing it again. But he’s supposed to talk with Bill Nye. Awesome? Yes, awesome.

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