Hug Your Brain With Words Like an Octopus Sucking Crab Juice Out of a Shell and Other Personal Stories

Well Hello, Good Sir!

I just want to acknowledge that projecting positive energy is a tedious, time consuming, thing that requires constant attention. It’s hard to stay positive throughout the day, and any efforts to do so must carry the expectation or possibility that one may fail. Especially for those of us who are new to the positive mode of thinking, it’s really hard to maintain that, especially because the formally negative tend to surround themselves with like minded negativity, and that projection of negative energy tends to be stronger, or more contagious than the first attempts at being a more honest, open and positive person.

Some of the best advice I got doing stand up was to fail, and not be afraid of failing, but fail better every time.

This is an idea that probably translates into many, if not every facet of life. For instance, I grew up with a strained relationship with my mother. We used to just rip into each other, and say unspeakable things in the midst of our fights. It got to a point where we couldn’t be around each other and my dad suggested that I just not come around the house anymore.

Then I started dating my girlfriend, and when we got a little more serious, the issue of meeting parents became unavoidable.

To make the leap between where I was in my relationship with my parents to where I wanted to be, I had to stop thinking about the equation as a whole, and then just assess it on an interaction to interaction basis. How long can I make nice with this woman at a time? How many things could I let slide in an afternoon?

And of course, it wasn’t an overnight switch, but once I made that conscious effort to improve something and acknowledged mothers own humanity, then it became easier to “work towards” a better failure. Do I still cringe when she tries to hug me, sure. Is that healthy? No. But are we screaming at each other about the rights of the poor, when really what we’re arguing about is the happiness of my father? No, we’re not.

And that’s why I’m proud of you.


Eric Wong is a writer and comedian. He will be on Radio Ha Ha this Thursday with Danny Dechi between 4 and 6.


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