Maybe This Will Turn Me Into One Of Those Asians Who Says “Happy Happy Awesome Blog Fun Time”

Howdy Champ,

At the moment, you are at a loss of things to do.


A new section of the blog has gone up. It is mostly reviews of comedy albums so old that they are ready to be checked out from the library. So is it entirely relevant? No. So what’s the point? To get myself to think critically about the albums in terms of craft as opposed to just casually listening and enjoying the stand-up on the bus, or whilst walking around the streets of San Francisco. Again, this is all for me – I simply invite you to check in on the journey should you please.

I had a long talk with my girlfriend the other day. I asked her, "Do you think I work hard enough? Or if I’m lazy?" As the question was coming out of my mouth I realized I was just fishing for compliments. I had spent nearly four hours compiling all the work I had done for the past two years onto this web space. That included an albums worth of songs, a book and a half as well as some other things.

I’m just impatient. I want more than what the world is ready to offer, and probably more than what I’m actually capable of handling. I guess it might be a function of ego, or arrogance, but isn’t that what I’m trying to cultivate here? Supposedly the answer is: Take that impatient energy, and channel it into more work…

So I guess just write until you’re tired?

(A peek into my brain, basically a stream of consciousness piece of writing. Notice how self-centered I am? I did…)

Some advice I got from my brother, and my dear friend Alex Harvey-Gurr is that shorter blog posts tend to be received better.

Screw it. I’m bored and I have nothing to do at the library except interact with the public.

And I know.
I’m a public servant.
But the public can be an entitled turd.
It never ceases to amaze me how many people can complain about a free service…

Here’s a retired joke about the library.

A library is a great place to work if you like telling people to shut up.

Here’s a joke I threw out because I didn’t like the tone.

Old Asian people and young black people have a lot in common, they just don’t like to acknowledge their commonalities because of racial tension… like, they both say "lie-barry" instead of "library…" We can all come together on not knowing how to pronounce "r" properly.

And I know they aren’t good jokes. That’s why I don’t use them.


I remember learning about the Industrial Revolution in school, and how a lot of farmers had to leave their livelihood on the field for factory jobs they were unqualified for. That, along with the aesthetics of despair one might pick up from reading about the Dust Bowl, really reminds me of the patrons I see on a daily basis who have zero computer skills.

I feel like I am watching people get left behind, but at the same time with all the land explored, there is nowhere to leave them behind. Regular job duties for today’s librarians and library staff include

signing people up for emails
teaching them how to use a printer/scanner
teaching them how flash drives work
what copy/paste means
Googling directions for people
Googling facts for people

I even had a guy who needed instructions on the differences between the left and right click on the mouse.

I know one of these day’s I will enter this demographic. Some technology will come out and I will think, "No one will ever use that. It’ll never catch on." But then it will.

True story: When the iPhone came out, I thought, hoped, prayed that it would fail. Now I use an iPhone. Because fuck me, right?

Not really. There are still some truly wonderful people who visit the library regularly. I see researchers and writers on a regular basis, as well as working class parents and their kids, just trying their best. And for every person that is getting left behind in the technological era, there are some folks willing, ready and able to help them get back on track.

And I think the initial hiccup which leads to that human obsolescence is the inability or resistance to change. That whole technology thing makes news very easy to access, so plain ignorance isn’t really an excuse anymore. Besides, as long as I maintain this positive, "grow yourself" attitude (or maybe even GROW THE GROW YOURSELF ATTITUDE) then I think I will be fine. I see eighty year olds with iPads doing things that I don’t know how to do. So yeah, it’s a big world out there. Don’t let those little Disney robots fool you.


Eric Wong is a writer and comedian. He probably needs another job.

4 thoughts on “Maybe This Will Turn Me Into One Of Those Asians Who Says “Happy Happy Awesome Blog Fun Time”

  1. I loved this piece. It made me laugh, which is a gift. I love the ‘GROW THE GROW YOURSELF ATTITUDE’, and I don’t think it’s self-centered or narcissistic to have conversations with yourself, or be trying to figure yourself out. I find I learn the most about myself by writing, and when I share the writing and it resonates with others, that’s a bonus. I also liked the Bay Area dog acupuncture didn’t quite make it to Yelp piece. I think Yelp would have been a waste of such good writing–better to post it here. Thanks for liking my post — nice to meet you!

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