29 January, 2014 02:12

Hey there good lookin’

You’ve had a very productive afternoon! You had your first audition today, which was a weird experience, but an experience none-the-less. I don’t think they’ll choose me for the role, but they might offer me an extra spot which would be nice because the one day still pays two weeks worth of work at the library.

Because I didn’t have a real headshot, I gave the casting person a piece of printer paper with a selfie of myself with a cat on my shoulder. You can also totally tell that the mirror I’m using is filthy.

I also finally uploaded a clip of my stand-up onto the Internet! It can be seen here:

To wrap it all up, I worked on building confidence by sending out some inquiry emails to some showcase bookers. There were five in total, and while I don’t expect to hear back, it was a good exercise. And who knows! With all this wing flapping you’re doing something is bound to catch the breeze. So despite how uncomfortable it felt to put yourself out there, you did it and I’m proud of you. Keep up all the hard work my friend!


Eric Wong is a writer and stand-up comedian. He is pretty good at getting stray cats to sit on his shoulder.

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